Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hidden Emotion

I hate it when other annoyin n irritatin person talk to u,
And u acted like you loved it
In fact, u treat em so well.

I just dont like it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plastic little Spastic

I'm getting to hate you because you'r way too much, dude.

Back off. Who's the one is not good here? The bad one?
Dont try to be a saint, okay?
Mirror yourself.
You see, no one like you. Okay?

Dont piss me off. Because you dont want to be the first who will see it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012



I wasnt born and taught to asnwer 'Wats ur harapan for famili bahagia?'. ==

Im a clean-minded gal and too innocent. =3=
(pls vomit now)

Okay, bye.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My sista hate it.

The conversation,

"What the...hell...?," I said as I was selak-ing Bio textbook in malay.
"Yup, malay," Fyn (my arrogant, soliphistic sister). "And you know, wat?"
"Hmm, wat?"
"I asked lah my bio teacher will she buat dwi bahasa for bio exam nanti. And she was lik, 'Eh, penatlah saya buat dua kerja nanti!'"
(me, making face =.o)
"U should said, 'Teacher ni makan gaji je.'"
"Yeah, I knw. Rasa nak...ish. Sabar jelah. And 1 more thing. I pernah lipat this book like this." -(lipat kulit buku to the back) "And then she said, 'Rosaklah buku tu nanti.'"
"You should say, 'Teacher, suka hati sayalah. This is my book.'"
"I know. She's so busy body. Budak laki pernah intterupt lah. He said 'Habis anak cikgu tu?'"
I laughed. She did too.

And then, her bio book terselak and i saw the malay language and i stepped away.

"Sorry lah. Cant accept the malay line. Quite annoying."