Monday, April 29, 2013


Shit. I really dont know what to do *sigh.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get Your Fuckin Ass Away From Me


Friday, April 26, 2013

Red Alarm, Dianee !

OMG, which one? Which one? Which one?

Oh, my lovely my very wanted and incredible but yet very cool choice, pleaseeee come to me. I need you. These few months are torturing and killing me TT^TT

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My Daddy bought a clock, that will 'sing' for us FOR every HOUR . Type of songs like Minuet, Ode to Joy and more but mostly are classics songs that not all pianists will like it. You guys ada this clock? ;) Pfft, of course lah they have it -,-' and I've started to feel veryyy annoying. Think of it, for every hour, that clock will sing. Rumah lain lik every 6 hours, mann~! Think about it. You're watching tv alone downstairs during midnight and suddenly, that movie is showing you the suspense part and later, your great grandfather wooden and ticking clock singing for you. Watdafish -..- benci.

d Eand by : diyana diane darice daffodil dicharmm elise roze xD

p/s: I heard a bom sound. Could it possibly the bom frm Penang is transferred to here? ;O *refer to news, folks.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mornin' Partayy -,-

Hello, Bonjour, Hola.

Let's partayy-ing for a while okay? No one will know ;) Okay, cut this shit, diane. You're wayy tooo insane. Pfft! 

Anyway, just wanna share lah with you guys. Right now kan, pilihanraya fever. Or PRU apa entah itu. Hey, man. Im not saying that I love politics, k? Puh-lease. Politics are very muchmoremuch complicated compare to Biology =.o wats the relevance, diane? Shut it. And theres a boy in my fb fren list. He's so into politics, people. He's criticising tat BN like hell. And when I check my news feed, he's posting his status; its like he's being rubbish-ing there bout that party. I was like, man, tak puas hati, facetoface lah with that party. Ok? Lik, come on, be sensitive. He's posting that and FB is very worldwide. Cant he think the consequences of his actions? He might drives someone mad seriously. And he put his life in danger too -,- sendiri tahulah ya what I mean.

Today, I bake xD Chocolate Brownies. After I finishin my chores. And then, I feel very uncomfortable. So, I  check. First day of menstruation, I just hate it -,- (diane, that's so inappropriate, okayy?!)

Later, I do youtube-ing. Because Im bored. And just for fun, to listen a song from Nightwish. My favorite band (because of Toumas). Hee. What?! He's not handsome? =,= shutthefuckup. Handsome, okay? Anywy, while I keep rolling and scrolling, I found one song. For The Heart I Once Had. Annette sang that song and Im not into Annette much. I like Tarja. Back to the song. It kinda touched me deeply. Idk why but it feels like Toumas writing that from his heart to someone. Touching and melancholic. 

You see that black-hair guy with red lined? That's Toumas xD This is the picture of Nightwish with Tarja. And later, something happened, Annette took her place. And now, the Floor something. She's masculine and luks...big. I dont really like her =3=

Lepas itu, I've found myself that I had a very bad obsession of shopping. Like, when Im in bad mood, I'll buy a dress. And if I've a function, I'll go shopping =..= or when I see something beautiful, I'll definitely buy one. My family is like, wow, where the hell do you get those bucks, lady? And selamba je asking Daddy banking money into that account -,-'


Anywy, tats all frm me. Diane.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Piece of Diarie

Two lives were in R.I.P -,-'

Ive met two very malang cockroaches. First, tat Mr. Cockroach crawled very, very silently on my carpet which is umm, 30, 50 cm away from me? Idontfreakingknow. Damn that cockroach and poor that thing because it died in my own devil-hand. I beat it for more than 6 times. Still can breathing =..= hate this thing forever and ever. Bet that my children will hate it as well. Nother Mr. Cockroach (hw shud i knw its own gender?!) I met him on the wall. God, whre the hell did they come from? And I was ready with my big stick, and later, Ive not guts to kill that thing. Ive to awake my Daddy and he askd me why. I told him, thers a cockroach in the toilet. At 4.15 am -,-' Yet, he stills can laugh. He saw me with the giant stick and said, you already ave ur stick, just hit it =..= wat if that thing flies? NightMareeee~!

Others bad-mouthed =..=

I obviously dont like this one, okay? I mean, its not that I knw when, whre, who and other 5wives1husband rules, and I frankly hate when I eat something very hot, and very cayyenne, ghost chilliess, and then I got tersedak. Not cool, man. Not COOL! You see the train ambushing its smoke? That is how I exactly feel. Time makan nasi, tak nak pula mengutuk. Time2 tengah makan pedas, ada je yang sibuk menyibuk =..=

Real heart .

Im not pissing anyone here. But I just had enough of malay guys. And I always hope, praying that one true love that can steal my heart one day is not a malay guy. My pasts have taught me well. It feels like, one or two of them mirror the others. It is something horrible and I hate being hurt. No offence. But I cant take any malay guys in my life. Say watever you want after you read this, I dont mind. You guys should ask yourself first, how well you can treat a woman if you think she's not showing any love to you anymore?

Medicine .

Another topic that scares the hell out of me : () Right. I dont want to dissapoint my parents and at the same time, Im feeling insecure. It is something that I want, for me and my life. Oh, Allah. Gives me the strength to keep moving and support me, please T^T

de End
By : Debonair Diane

Friday, April 5, 2013

Interview :3

# Question 1 : Person you hate the most? (or scared)
- Ans : Clown =..= or mascots. I still can run away from a group of bandits but clowns??! Man, I just dont  like them bcoz they're scary and nahh! I dont like clownsss =3=

# Question 2 : I see you like more squirrel compare to cat. Why? Aren't they both cute? And they are both covered with fur.
- Ans : Damn you. Cats are not cute. They scratch me when I just walk near them. Or they chase after me. While squirrel jumps over me and lands over my shoulder. Tats why I love squirrel more.

# Question 3 : I heard you like Toumas. Tat Nightwish guy. He's not tat cool, isnt he? 
- Ans : (glancing) He's handsome and cool and smart. Better than my ex. How dare you said he's not tat cool? I could faint when I get to hear his voice -_- 

# Question 4 : I still have...
- Ans : You still ave somethin to ask eh? Damn you paparazzi =..=

# Question 5 : But Im not a paparazzi.
- Ans : Yeah, yeah. Watever. Wat is it?

# Question 6 : Last but not least. Ehem. I see you're happy lately. Heard tat you're getting well with a guy. Tell us more.
- Ans : Now tat's wat we called busybody. Busybody paparazzi. Shoo, shoo.

# Question 7 : I can get him here and we can talk together.
- Ans : Not cool, man. Not cool! There's a thing tat we want it to be a secret and I hope you show some respect. End.

And tat questioner makes face xD


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ehemm T^T

To those my frens which hang out together with me today...

I wanna tell you tat,
I love you guys and it was an awesome day to me.

I wanna tell you tat,
I cried when I read Ain's entry~! ;< 
(even Im d heartless vampire ever lived, pfft! nampak tak semangat friendship di situ?)
Im so touching but yeah, most of it is true.

I wanna tell you tat,
Ill do my best in my insane-studies and bring a good name to Hayyan (my parents too)

And to all my beloved frens who stay with me till end,
And to all my beloved frens who gives me such meaningful advice,
Word cant describe how grateful I am to have you all in my life :>

*Okay, diane is being so girlish here.

Monday, April 1, 2013

*pouting =3=

Russia, pls come to me. I want you ~ ><

I hate you, dude. Damn it. I cnt understand why I got a dream of you, like Again ==