Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Hole ~

GUYS, listen xD
Who says that black holes only exist at space?
Here's a true fact. The possibility of humans having a black hole on their head is 59% going to 60% sure because they wanna try something that is unusual. Applause to this kind everyone. Still didnt believe in me? How about I show you guys a magnificent pictare? 
I found one unique black hole, folks. How awh-some is tat? 

Btw, sorry bro. Didnt mean to make fun of you, but yeah, I like ur hairstyle :>
p/s : of coz im fuckin talkin bullshit bout liking his hairstyle. NO way im gonna like it -,-'

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Babble Tyme (_ _')

Yeah, you may see the different me when Im talkin or treatin my frens but outside, I was lik a hungry devil (maybe?) -,-' But anywy, thats me. I give diffrent attention to those who are very dear to  me bcoz I appreciate them. Unlike you who bad-treated your own flesh == if Ive a money, Ill give  it to my own sisters and brother lah. Im not tat stingy!~ 

Next, I freakin dont knw how can I get a dream bout you! Twice! Mann~ Watdahell? Do you hex me, eh? Bcoz I'll make sure you rotten in hell, damn you in hell =3= you're my biggest nightmare right now.

Im dizzy, devastated, tired, confused, stressed and back to dizzy and repeat tat all for five times . This stuff is sickening. Ive tried to seek some advice frm ma frens. Hmm. I juz waited for you since that you're gud in it. But tat person is in...bad mood. Pfft. Maybe needs nother time, I get it. If I was in tat place, I rather die too

Ive been thinkin to wander alone (alamanda je) pfft. Juz got some pennies frm related. See, my guy frens who are workin out there? I tak keje pun income masuk tiap2 bulan. So, pls lah jgn underestimate saya sgt ya? Unlike you, who've to work and gain some, huh. N later, naggin lik youre so damn tired and tension and stuff. You're THE one who wnts to work, so you've to take that all == no pain no gain, *trutt*

End of today's entry frm debonair diane :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Damn it =3=

Thanks for making me damn nervous and becoz of you, Im feeling so cold eventhough I didnt put on my air-conditioner. Shit you guys =..=

Sunday, March 17, 2013

*pfft :D

Last week, I texted my close friend, Dev. We both always do sharing and stuff and he's one of my friends that stays with me during my hard times. Anywy, back to texting. I texted him 'I miss you, Dev ;(' . That doesnt mean anything, folks. And he didnt reply me, so I thought maybe he's busy with studies. I dnt mind then.

A day after that, he replied my unreplied msg using yahoo mail, 'Miss you too, babe. Diane, my dad read your msg ;p'
That's where I get freak out, lik 'yihh, whattt??? :O'

And we've our chat at skype.
Dyanne Roze: devvv~~~ :O:O:O
Dev Smart: diane
Dyanne Roze: omg, im so sorryyy ;(
Dev Smart: emmm? sorry?
Dyanne Roze: ur dad... T^T
Dev Smart: oh hehe. yeah :P
Dyanne Roze: is he angry..?
Dev Smart: he's cool nw , nahh, he jst askd whos this girl :P
Dyanne Roze: pfft
Dev Smart: i said  college frnd :P
Dyanne Roze: hee :P im soo shock rite nw. pfft -,-'
Dev Smart: then he askd....n why is she missin u ;)
Dyanne Roze: n u said? :P
Dev Smart: i said.. she may knw better :P
Dyanne Roze: n why didnt he call me? hee :D
Dev Smart: hehe. he ws abt to call. he said, alright im gona ask her then :P
Dyanne Roze: n he didnt pfft :P
Dev Smart: hehe nahh. i said dad why r u so suspicious. if i hv a gf...i would hv told u :P
Dyanne Roze: hehe :D i lik tat. haha. i am grinnin lik a real idiot nw. pfft
Dev Smart: hehe. lemme see then ;)
Dyanne Roze: hee.  noo :P
Dev Smart: hehe. yess
Dyanne Roze: pfffftttt
Dev Smart: hehe

End up like tat, pheww~ xD
So, the end. :D

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ur crossing the line, dude

Yeah, I do cursing.

My friends knw it and so do my family. So what? I dont give a fuck just because you never say bad words to me. You're annoying and wayyy toooo rude man. Step out from this, would you, boy? Don't make some attentionwhore (my sis punya pepatah) here, okay?

You call my friends slut and bitch and stuff, and that's not okay to me. Who the hell are you to call my friends with that names? If they're slut, then, you must be the dirty asshole ever lived. I hate to say the same thing over and over again, man. Just try to understand would you? Dah bagi muka, lebih2. Tak bagi attention kata we all sombong and stuff. Besar mandat kau. Dah kalau kau tu mengada-ngada sangat, mana taknya orang menyampah der. Small kid yang tak tahu bezakan baik buruk pun boleh nak vomit lah dengan sikap kau tu ==

And that's why I hate mingling with some uneducated person. Because they never act matured and professional. Always stay under the shell.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hayyans will be always stay in my heart

I get so touching meaching bila baca my cute lg hot lil fren name Ain Sajda punya post at her blog. Seriously, you brought me back to our memories as classmates. The Greatest Hayyans. Pfft. Miss them all like hell.

Anywy, thanks for that nice and poetic with right rhythm poem which is I'll never done that ;>

And the freaking week ; the next week. where our big exam punya result is coming out. Adrenalines running crazily now =..=

Just miss my friends so much...