Thursday, April 26, 2012

This hardest feelings~

U knw wat,
Sometimes, i felt lik i wanna slap ur face or saying this,
"Sorry lah bai, we at here keep green, use papers, x use PLASTICS. like u do. So, when we meet plastics, we will try harder to burn or do something harsh on it. Because why? Bcoz we hate it so much until we couldnt tell in a word."

And u just cant accept ur own fault.
What's wrong with u anywy?
Eloklah, turning into a mental disorder people too?
Hello, mental disorder people lg better thn u.
or maybe they're nt, (IDK).

N one more thing,
Dont look at us lik we did so much wrong here, 
buat maksiat byk sgt and bla, bla, bla.
Compared to u, u r the worst here.
I hate people givin reason lik, playin music is a burden.
Its u who makes it as a burden. Think logically.
Those talented people mostly came frm music thing too.
And not all of us do maksiats~~!
You wish me too do maksiat then? Fine, i'll do it for u.
Hugging a guy so publicly or maybe kiss his cheeks.

And to all of u, please stop doing it okay.
You guys make me like stupid soulless human alive and acted lik i wasnt there.
I dont wanna say, 'THIS IS WAR!'
I hate war. Evryone hates war. So, change it.
But, duh~ Will they change it?
They dont even knw my blog link. huh!


As a friend, 
I just wanna say sorry because i wasnt there whn u were there ;(
n gud luck for ur exams.
Luv u and miss u too, so much.

dedicated to 'u'

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Im just so tired
It is dire
and I'm perspired
Like a flat tyre
Tats why I do look pale as a vampire.

Dont leave me
Dont hate
Because I cant live
under someone's head.

This painful feeling
Its tearing and bleedin
Silently killing
And thing that I just do is crying.

Even you trapped in the room
Remember to see the flowers bloom
It is my norm
When I was alone...