Sunday, March 25, 2012

F**k off.

I just dont like it,
When u assumed me as a stupid doll by ur side.
Do i look like stupid barbie?

I don't like it,
When you talk bout something tat i dont know.
And then talk everythin like i knw everythin bout ur activities.
U knw im nt part of u. Then, y r u talk 2 much bout those fuckin stuff?
U c, im nt daft. Im pretty much clever than u.

I just don't like it,
When you think that you were so perfect,
Until you cant c which one is the good and the bad.
When u love doin somethin stupid, it'll become part of ur habit.
Do i make myself clear here?

Im nt wrong. 
You just don't know how does it feels to be in my place.
Because you never been in tat way.
All path that you walk in rite nw is easy as u eat the sweet.

You never understand me.
Sometims, i felt sorry for u.
Because u never realized wat r u doin actually.
You never know me.

You know nothing bout me.