Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Now I can live again,
That took me out of vain,
I dont care how we met,
Im just happy we did
Even if you're so far,
You know this feeling is inexorable.
It is a love.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Ciao, Bonjour.

Anyway, just wanna say that I am in stupid depression mode right now and I just need a cure like fuckingdamn serious because I know this is not the healthy way of living. I in fact had lost some weight. And I get a little bit weaker day by day. God knows how does it feels like.

Just too many stuff . I cant live like this. Shit.

- Darice Roze

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I just hope that you will be fine despite all the uncertainty Ive felt right now. Its kinda killing me you know, but the fact that you're so special to me, is somehow hurting me more.

Because I know, losing you will make me cry.
That is the feeling Im afraid now. 

I wish I could do something to make you feel better.
I wish I was there to make everything feel good to you.
I wish I could erase all those bad feelings.
But the world isnt as easy as that, isnt it?

Anyway, hopefully you're fine. Because I cant even live properly right now.

Darice Roze

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awful and Cool

Ciao, Bonjour everyone~

Just wanna talk about my friends that I like. Not really like, but yeah.

Otto-Anskar Karjalainen (Finland)
He said I can call him Otto or Alex .Idk where the hell the Alex comes from. Haha. A Finnish guy and obviously why I like him, right? Because he lives in a place where my favorite musician lives; Toumas Holopainen. But Otto, he got the mix of Russian and English too. I was like, your consanguinity is so worldwide. Hes funny xD

Dante Picasso (Italy)
He's an Italian. What I like about him is, he's a model, everyone. And I always wanted to be a model when I was 15. Yeah, 15. I like his hair. He looks cute and understanding, I think. But some of his pictures, are...little bit wayy too over. Hee.

Zacky Yomng (Morocco)
Zacky or I call him Zack, this guy is a little bit special to me, I think so. Well, I think its going to an end. Maybe. Idk. He said he'll wait for me. 

Datte Bief (Macedonia)
This guy, hes adorable. Haha. And cool. Hes a guy that can change the atmosphere easily and itsa fun to chat with him. I call him Datte.

David Parsai (France)
My first word to him is Echante, haha. Means nice to meet you. And he said back the same. Unlike others, hes not bossy or pushy. He likes Naruto too! How can I ever tolerate with that? Because I like Naruto so much xD I bet him not a player.

Said Eden (Norway)
Said, he's a nice guy. A Norway guy. Same age as me. And I know I hurt his feeling because I cant fulfill his request. Im just not ready to start something serious. He had to choose something difficult now and I hope things will go back to natural, normal as the first time we met.

These are my favorite dudes. I like one of it. Hes obvious, right? Hee ;p

Anyway, au revoir~
Darice Roze

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Damn Cockroach

Ciao, Bonjour~

Okay. Today I wanna talk about myself. As you all knew, Ive joined pre med camp recently where I got wonderful friends. They are all nice and changed my first-day-perception quickly.

But thats not the case. You see, I hate cockroaches. I dont care if that thing got nicer species or what but technically and honestly I Fucking Hate that thing. Theres one moment where this thing appeared suddenly in our room. Like what da hell? =,= and later this cockroach hid beneath the food of ours. Not mine but theirs. So I ws being a nyonya there, babbling and muttering about that cockroach like this,

'Guys, seriously! Theres a cockroach okayy? Hiding behind your food. Oh my god! Please, please, kill that thing! What if that thing flies into our kain? Sleeping under our bed? Our pillow? Guys!!!'

Like that. And they were all laughing! =3= okay, this part I hate them nicely. But then, the cockroach out again and I shouted like hell. And it crawls! Crawling, okay? Crawling. On the wall. And I ran to other bed and muttering like an idiot. I dont care being an idiot! Theres a cockroach there, guys! That is so a Big deal. 
Things just got scarier when there was a lizard crawling there too, seeing that cockroach and that lizard chased it. My frens were all like, 'Go, cicak! Go, cicak! Eat it, eat it!'. My frens are all very supportive. Im shaking there alone. Does anyone realize how horrible is this? They can still cheer and cheer like cheerleaders, pfft! When it got closer, that stupid cockroach flies! Thats the scariest moment of all and I shouted of course. I ran and got goosebumps.

And I just mumbling there like a mutt gal. Haha. I dont care. They got the spray and my brave friend, Murni, she spray that thing. Im not satisfied at all because I havent see the body yet. Wheres it? And all of them are like, 'Its gone, chillax, dudett.' How can I be chillax if I got no confidence that that thing is dead? 
*they can still laugh to see my idiot's manner -,- 

End up like the cockroach managed to go outside and died peacefully, I think. I never hope that cockroach can die peacefully. NEVER. Pheww. 

My friends. They all make fun at me about this. Like until now. Glad that I amuse you, guys. This will last forever because I got so freak out when I meet a cockroach. 

End, au revoir - dianne roze

Monday, July 29, 2013

Anger awhile

Im so fucking not understand kebangang-ngan orang sekarang =.=
So typical human Ive met. 
Fuck off, okay dude?

Dude, Sa oot komee~

Haha, youre adorable dude.
Btw, I cant put that tiny twin dots on 'a' in sa oot komee.
But just so you know, you're cool. Pfft xD

and handsome :)

Darice Roze

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silly Fact

Just wanna say...

I begin to know that, the one who's going to take care of me one day is gonna be a stranger that Ive never met in these five years ago. And I've just met these people last month. How odd is that?

The one I know for more than three years, well maybe some of it more than five years, may not stay with me anymore and Ive to accept this fact too. I realized things are just bullshit about forever. Theres no fucking things like forever if you dont know how to appreciate the value of it. Friendship.

Well I guess Im way too naive, arent I? Lets see how this thing can turn me into a totally hoity toilty gal who only cares about perfection and manners then.

Auf wiedersehen~
Darice Roze

Monday, July 22, 2013

Thai-riffic ~ !

Ciao, Bonjour~

Today, I wanna talk about my feelings before I go to..you guys know where it is -,- 
First of all, to be honest, I dont feel anything specific for this fly thing. And people are like, you dont feel anything? Like, happy or sad or sorta? While I say, should I? Hmm. I cant even describe my own feeling. Thai-riffic !

But anyway, I check my account in Tagged social website. Doing some editting and updating everything; photos, comments, moods and stuff. Guys add me later with photos of their abs and I was like, *jawdropp! Can I touch those? Bhahaha xD they work out guys. And if you see their abs, you'll be amazed and eager to touch it. Im not bluffing. But, the truth. Should I put their photos at here? Fuck no : ) hee.

One thing that Im fucking sure right now is, I gain my weight. And it is not something that I like. Of coz I gain weight! I bake cake for three nights straight ! =3= shit my sister for all her requests. Chocolate cake, Orange cake, Red Velvet cake. Gahh ~ ! She got crazy ideas of ordering people. 'Sis, do this. Sis, do that. Sis, bake for me, I love your cake. I swear its fucking yummy.' Pfft. As always she knw how to cajole me well; bake just for her. Ass kisser -,-'

Last 2 days, I watched this stupid movie on youtube. Nocturne: A night for vampire. Even I like vampires, but that movie. It disgraces vampires' dignity and I hate it very much. Weird movie. But then, I look up for another movie which is Dark Prince, True Story of Dracula. And this I like it! Dracula's voice is hot and sexy. And at the end, I begin to wonder if this is really true, Dracula must be a really old vampire. You see, at the end of the movie, it is written that, the explorers dug out his coffin and found just animal bones in it. And that movie showed the era of 1476, if Im not mistaken. Now is 2013, everyone! How cooool is that? *sparkling eyes. I like this mystery and how I wish to study deeper about this and anything that has related to it. But I'm gonna further myself in medic, pfft. Anywy, I rejoice with my parents' decision. yeah, yeahh..

Anyway, Au revoir, Au widersehen~
- Darice Roze

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Family

There was a family, living in hardship with four kids. Make the total of six including the parents. After few years working hard and faced a lot of obstacles, they finally granted for lil richness. Lil but quite enough. But, what makes this family truly rich is, the happiness and harmony bond btween them.

Things dont get too well after that. Others envy this family. Sent a lot of 'miserable stuff' to this family. Make the father sick. The mother stood still and being loyal beside him. With four kids still in school and now the elder is about to get into university, the parents tried harder to push away all the 'miserable stuff'.

For more than four years this family faced this stuff. Make the harmony and happiness sometimes gone. Fighting, arguing, misunderstanding, brawl. 

The mother then found another interest of spendin time on somethin that is not so good. Her job as a mother is put aside. Even sometimes the second kid have to go to tuition at somewhere else far without food. While the father is sick, he sometimes had to scold her for being such reckless. "I'm sick. And you do nothing! Cant you once please check on your children?," he said. But later she says, "Its bcoz of this children, I stay. No them, we're nothing. Divorce."

Poor the younger two kids who are so young and still schooling. The other two eldest share their story together and their bond; strong. Because things like this; we cant expect it.

The day finally come. The parents divorce. And both having affair with another person. Leaving four kids hanging. 

And the elder say, "I dont fucking care. Whethr you both already divorce or not, you both have to wait until I got marry. And then you both can straight out the hell and let me take care of my sisters and brother. And now that you both already did, fine. Stay with your affair-partners with! With my sisters and brother. I just dnt fucking care. Im not even 18 yet and you did this to me. Not even entering the world of university yet and this you gave me?"

They were both silent. But yet. Still with divorce fact. 

The elder. However. Another family with estates, moneys and rich attracted to this young lady. They adopted the elder. The new family is the elder's foster family. The new family say, they only got a son who's studying in overseas. So, they livin together. The elder requests on something. Of accepting her sisters and brother too. The new family say okay. They say, the more the better. "This gigantic mansion can even fit a fifty of people, honey."

So, the elder brings her siblings into her foster family. They move out to somewhere else far. London was always the perfect choice. And now. Even the kids already grown up and study all around the world, they still dont had enough...what is the true happiness of parents.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hello people,

Good to be back from 6weeks-camp. The camp was fun enough and I enjoyed it. Okay, let us hear  first the chronology when I step on the marble floor of the Bumi Jati Camp (KBJ) hall. Oh yeah, Invictus is the our batch's name. Invictus. Cool isnt it? xD

First thing that came to my mind is, God, this camp's gonna be so damn, fucking punya boring for sure since that all studs look so noob to me (but actually, turns out that Im the silent gal one in the camp. But yet! Later I turned into a hyperactive and talkative gothic gal <-- font="">they said that) -,-' Im not a gothic. Its just that I like vampires because they're cool while the mortals are not really. What kind of gibberish is this? *slapping cheek once

The first and second day is the hardest day to me. Third day is not really hard as I can adapt myself to the environment. And then I move out from the third room of Amanah Dorm to the first room. That's where I met cool and selamba-rocking gals and I like them. Again, I call out all the names.
- Liya
- Iman
- Muna
- Anis
- Aqilla
- Amriah
- Murni <-- font="">my lover, bhaha xD
- Tieka
- Izzati
- Sufhia
- Zalikha
- Nisa
- and myself~

We had our pre med, aerobics tiap2 pagi (with that Abg Amirul -..-) even sometimes, he himself yg terbgn lewat. Pfft. And then we had our Sukaneka, Explorace, Gotong-royong (I didnt join this), Awhsome LDK stands for Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (Group's Assignment), Yummy Barbeque, Choir Practices, Classy Dinner, Super boring convention I think, and the Sorrow Closing Day. 

Night before the last day, my dorm's making a circle where we all gathered and talk what we wanted to. Turned out everyone's crying. Even me. What a shame. But it just mean everything. Because we never thought that the 6 weeks camp had created this friendship, special bond between unknowns. Like I never meet that gal and that lad, we're just completely a group of strangers. Yet, we're now friends. It was cool enough :) May us all stay strong and tough.

Okay, end of that part.

The next thing is...of coz my lovely old friends that I missed so much~! And everyone's busy right now. But still, I only dapat chat with this cute gal name Siya, another gal name Nad and also Sue. Mai chan is in the making of finishing her assignment and I dont want to disturb her because I know shes so stressed out and tension. To Maisarah Roslan, whatever obstacles you've faced or you're going to face, just face it calmly and be confident and strong. I know you can do it. You're the determined gal I've met

Others like krik, krik, krik. Rasa geram juga actually. Haha xD but I cant disturb they all just like that, cant I? But I hope that we can do some gathering at least? And burst out what we want to. Anyway, Mai is going back next week and promised me to hangout. Yay~ haha. But I think she's gonna be so damn busy.

And for the last thing is, Idk lah why but I miss that person. I think Siya knw who's that. Damn this cute kid because make me teringatkan dia -..- haha...ha. Shitty diane.

Okay then. Au revoir~
By dariceroze

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bumi Jati Preparation Camp

Ciao, Bonjour~

I had this preparation camp for about a month and a half. So far, it went all good. Till our handsome conductor where all gals fancy him, wanted musicians to play the Muhammad by Maher Zain -,- bloody that song is very new but Im glad my music teacher is agreed to help me. Pheww~ And I actually enjoy my day in choir part with that handsome conductor. 
*take note: He's Sir Amirul or Abg Amirul (they called him with that), 22, Alexandria stud in Egypt. Glad that Im not attracted by him..yet. Bhahaha xD seriously, he's just someone that I respect :) Sir Amirul, please kembang-proud now! crazyme -,-' ana ma'alish, ya sir!

And I got a lot of friends that are incredibly awesome and cool and will sing everytime they wanted like wow. And then catwalking in front of me xD which I was amazed. Hee. Kidding. And our penghuluwati; her voice is like one mile-no, two miles away can hear. I kinda dont really like her laughter..? because it went out so loud and--scariee -,-'

Introduce to my room mates 1 of Amanah dorm;
- Aqila the selamba queen
- Aliya the coolie
- Nisa the cute lady
- Sufhia the lawa one
- Zalikha the sweet gal
- Izzati  the fashionistar
- Tieka the nother putrajaya girl 
- Murni the laser mouth one xD 
- Am the body shakey 
- Muna the Ella 
- Hanis the one is gossiped with *canttellya
- Iman the manja one

So far they all lah yang close to me :)

- End by Darice Roze -

Friday, May 24, 2013

I hate packing !

Ciao ~

Okay, guys. Packing is a small stupid thing that I hate (obviously). Because, if the packed stuff that we campak in the huge bag later didnt muat, we've to re-pack again. Or, I just simply zip the bag. Make sense why Mummy Daddy have to buy new bag every year. Pfft -,-' hee.

Next, when we've finished packing and zipping the bag, later we found our tiny toothbrush left outside. And then, we've to open up again our bag. Isn't that quite troublesome? *a wajib answer of my sister if I say this to her, 'Do I look like fucking giving a shit?' All thing I've to do is frowning and say, 'You crack bitch.'
p/s : 18sx dont follow this ill manners of ours! * u can just follow lah. No big deal.

More packing stuff that I hate is, I hate it when thing that I want to put in isn't staying beside me. Some might stay in Mummy's room, Fynn's room, toilet, roof, under the bed of downstairs' room, where elsee? =.= Massive to explode problemo ! Oh yeah, Fynn is my a-year-younger-sister.

Packing-shitty-thing is done here. Im exhausted.

And I really hope lah, I get nice friends like what I've now. Not some kind of weirdo. Not the damn nerds too. And not the...too alim one. Gahh. Im a brutal lady. I cant stay with that one. Not all. Like, Ive a few of my friends which are religious that I like and Im okay with these kinds. Not some kind yang * I shud stop -,-

End by debonair diyana which is now nervous, overwhelming and exhausted. I need chocolate~! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dedicated khas'ly' to Nur Maisarah Roslan after that 'Ain Sajda Mohd Alayudin -.-

Ciao, Bonjour everyone.

Very long right this time's title? Forget about it.

I just wanna say, thank you so much lah my kawansamakepalawithme name Nur Maisarah Roslan because she made me cry when I read her entry T^T ..again~!.. dudee, if I know I'll make you cry by telling you the egypt thing, I dont wanna tell you lahh TT__TT  *sob sob. She's my lovely buddie, people. Of coz , sama tanduk okayy? Satan tanduk 10. Even the real satan doesnt have 10 tanduks -,- 

                         * pretty, isnt it? You're sparkling~

Okay, the second gal which is 'Ain Sajda Mohd Alayudin. Maybe some of you already read my previous entry about her, that I cried too when I read her entry. But yeah, she's sweet, brilliant, lovely and beautiful. I guess I'll miss to have a friend like her to sit beside me then T^T

         *guys, i cut this picture and that explains why she got three hands -.-

May Allah bless all of us. And I hope I can get friends that are same kepala like all of you too, which is if I do get one, it doesnt make them YOU enough to me .

p/s : lets raya together guys !

End - diane

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To Those - Boasterss.

Ciao everyone.

Okay, today's post is a little bit sensitive. Maybe to all people too. Well, you know what? I don't fucking care. Anyway, first of all, I wanna tell you guys lah, Im not jealous, okay? Not At All

Guys, perlu ke post and making status about you're getting an offer from that and there and bla, bla, bla. Especially yang dapat offer overseas tu kan? Like, wow. Im so proud. What the fuck? Do you have to tell the world you got an offer from there and that? Getting proud of yourself? 

Again, I wanna say that Im not jealous at all. Because Im instead got an offer for myself. Yet, I dont post at my facebook. When I say about this, nanti they all say, that girl jealous, dengki, thats why lah she said like that. Typical malay people. Hello, I can be considered nice lagi lah. You know why? If Im a devil, I will copy and paste all the boasters' status here. Nak sangat boasting2 kan?

Think guys. For those who didnt get any of that, when they see your stupid ruthless status, they will feel bad. Or worst. For those who didnt get affected by that, itsokay lah, I dont mind. I care for those who didnt.  Lik what the hell mann. Think about their feeling too. Your actions can be categorized as riak (islam's word) too. Of course you'll think like, I wanna share my triumph to all people. Come on. There are a lot of ways to share your triumph rather than sharing it with your soulles facebook. Besides, facebook is not going to grave with you ! =,= nak sehidup semati dengan facebook tu dah kenapa? Sick fuck.

In addition, not just about getting an offer letter of course. Its about all; good results, straight damn A plus and all. I just cant understand people nowadays.

My sister, she once said to me. If Im becoming like one of this damn boasters, she said, 'Im not approvin you as my sister. Buat malu'. Pfft. I'd never do that. I swear. Why would I share my triumph publicly and let some strangers know about it? Thats not me.

End - diane.

Monday, May 13, 2013


People, here we go.

Given name is Diyana
Often called Diane
Sometimes I use Dianne as well. Or Dyanne
Another often name that I use is Darice.
That's my fb name; Darice Roze
And yeah, I love roses, the vermillion roses. 
So, I use Roze as my last name.
*but because Roze is more vampire-ic. Hee
Daffodil too. I love Daffodil.
It symbolizes friendship. 

That's it : )

...and I like it when ppl call me diyana but not diana. 
See, the 'Y' is missing.
Besides, diana is equal to late Princess Diana
And she's dead. While I'm alive -,-
Because my name is spelled with 'Y' in it.

End - diane.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bcoming a Student -__-

Halo everyone. 

Long time no see, eh? -,-' whatever. Anyway, Im making a photo with black background with a hope that no one will ever touch the button of Like on fb. And guess what? No one like that picture >< yay! pfft. I know the real reason why they didnt is because of the blackout default picture(dp) and stuff. Everyone was like turning their dp into completely black one - sign of protest for the election umm, PRU13 bagai...? Yeah. Because of that. But Im glad no one like. Cut the crap, dianee~! take a sneakpeak, everybodiee. And try to see *something wrong with the words*

Okay, you allz know I dont wanna talk about this bullshit. Of course Ive another thing to say. Ehemm. I miss my friends. Shit you laughing =..= Since that the matriculation result already out and everyone is seemed to make their decision *or maybe waitin for upu*, I guess we really have to meet up and do gathering again. Everyone is choosing their path and we may not stay/meet each other for a long time. Sob sob. Plus that our class group on fb is dead anyway! NO one posts anything there. Mana tahu ada orang tu, fly pergi somewhere else ke. We never know. 

Anyway, thats all. Gday matee! :)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ish =3=

Gahhh~! Hate it, hate it!

benci, benci, benci =3=

Friday, May 3, 2013

D hell -___-

My four torturing days were killing and bleed me to death. My brilliant mother; she brought both tab and broadband to Indonesia =___= so not cool. So, I cant do online and I've to search Wifi spots. Cant online!! And do some searching! Damn.

And she, also boleh tak kenal dengan pelakon Adnan Sempit, Yana Shamsudin -__- okay, this is so not funny. Tat actress with my mother had some talk and tat lady said, 'Akak mesti tak tengok citer Melayu kan?' *burst -,-'

*Fact: We family never watch malay movies pun. But my brother, luckily the malay-movie's flowing in him. So, he makes us watching several movies like, Adnan Sempit (of coz) and Zombi Kg Pisang I think. Oh yeah! Last Thursday I watched Help! My Gf is a Vampire <--- font="">okay, I translate this frm Malay version -.- no one like pontianak but still, they like vampire. Pfft!

D end.
Diane Roze

p/s: I got so strssed out and my face mirrors it.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Shit. I really dont know what to do *sigh.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get Your Fuckin Ass Away From Me


Friday, April 26, 2013

Red Alarm, Dianee !

OMG, which one? Which one? Which one?

Oh, my lovely my very wanted and incredible but yet very cool choice, pleaseeee come to me. I need you. These few months are torturing and killing me TT^TT

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My Daddy bought a clock, that will 'sing' for us FOR every HOUR . Type of songs like Minuet, Ode to Joy and more but mostly are classics songs that not all pianists will like it. You guys ada this clock? ;) Pfft, of course lah they have it -,-' and I've started to feel veryyy annoying. Think of it, for every hour, that clock will sing. Rumah lain lik every 6 hours, mann~! Think about it. You're watching tv alone downstairs during midnight and suddenly, that movie is showing you the suspense part and later, your great grandfather wooden and ticking clock singing for you. Watdafish -..- benci.

d Eand by : diyana diane darice daffodil dicharmm elise roze xD

p/s: I heard a bom sound. Could it possibly the bom frm Penang is transferred to here? ;O *refer to news, folks.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mornin' Partayy -,-

Hello, Bonjour, Hola.

Let's partayy-ing for a while okay? No one will know ;) Okay, cut this shit, diane. You're wayy tooo insane. Pfft! 

Anyway, just wanna share lah with you guys. Right now kan, pilihanraya fever. Or PRU apa entah itu. Hey, man. Im not saying that I love politics, k? Puh-lease. Politics are very muchmoremuch complicated compare to Biology =.o wats the relevance, diane? Shut it. And theres a boy in my fb fren list. He's so into politics, people. He's criticising tat BN like hell. And when I check my news feed, he's posting his status; its like he's being rubbish-ing there bout that party. I was like, man, tak puas hati, facetoface lah with that party. Ok? Lik, come on, be sensitive. He's posting that and FB is very worldwide. Cant he think the consequences of his actions? He might drives someone mad seriously. And he put his life in danger too -,- sendiri tahulah ya what I mean.

Today, I bake xD Chocolate Brownies. After I finishin my chores. And then, I feel very uncomfortable. So, I  check. First day of menstruation, I just hate it -,- (diane, that's so inappropriate, okayy?!)

Later, I do youtube-ing. Because Im bored. And just for fun, to listen a song from Nightwish. My favorite band (because of Toumas). Hee. What?! He's not handsome? =,= shutthefuckup. Handsome, okay? Anywy, while I keep rolling and scrolling, I found one song. For The Heart I Once Had. Annette sang that song and Im not into Annette much. I like Tarja. Back to the song. It kinda touched me deeply. Idk why but it feels like Toumas writing that from his heart to someone. Touching and melancholic. 

You see that black-hair guy with red lined? That's Toumas xD This is the picture of Nightwish with Tarja. And later, something happened, Annette took her place. And now, the Floor something. She's masculine and luks...big. I dont really like her =3=

Lepas itu, I've found myself that I had a very bad obsession of shopping. Like, when Im in bad mood, I'll buy a dress. And if I've a function, I'll go shopping =..= or when I see something beautiful, I'll definitely buy one. My family is like, wow, where the hell do you get those bucks, lady? And selamba je asking Daddy banking money into that account -,-'


Anywy, tats all frm me. Diane.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Piece of Diarie

Two lives were in R.I.P -,-'

Ive met two very malang cockroaches. First, tat Mr. Cockroach crawled very, very silently on my carpet which is umm, 30, 50 cm away from me? Idontfreakingknow. Damn that cockroach and poor that thing because it died in my own devil-hand. I beat it for more than 6 times. Still can breathing =..= hate this thing forever and ever. Bet that my children will hate it as well. Nother Mr. Cockroach (hw shud i knw its own gender?!) I met him on the wall. God, whre the hell did they come from? And I was ready with my big stick, and later, Ive not guts to kill that thing. Ive to awake my Daddy and he askd me why. I told him, thers a cockroach in the toilet. At 4.15 am -,-' Yet, he stills can laugh. He saw me with the giant stick and said, you already ave ur stick, just hit it =..= wat if that thing flies? NightMareeee~!

Others bad-mouthed =..=

I obviously dont like this one, okay? I mean, its not that I knw when, whre, who and other 5wives1husband rules, and I frankly hate when I eat something very hot, and very cayyenne, ghost chilliess, and then I got tersedak. Not cool, man. Not COOL! You see the train ambushing its smoke? That is how I exactly feel. Time makan nasi, tak nak pula mengutuk. Time2 tengah makan pedas, ada je yang sibuk menyibuk =..=

Real heart .

Im not pissing anyone here. But I just had enough of malay guys. And I always hope, praying that one true love that can steal my heart one day is not a malay guy. My pasts have taught me well. It feels like, one or two of them mirror the others. It is something horrible and I hate being hurt. No offence. But I cant take any malay guys in my life. Say watever you want after you read this, I dont mind. You guys should ask yourself first, how well you can treat a woman if you think she's not showing any love to you anymore?

Medicine .

Another topic that scares the hell out of me : () Right. I dont want to dissapoint my parents and at the same time, Im feeling insecure. It is something that I want, for me and my life. Oh, Allah. Gives me the strength to keep moving and support me, please T^T

de End
By : Debonair Diane