Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Manchester City :>

I dont wanna boast but umm.
Manchester City won! Woww~~ T^T

tears of happiness, pfft -,-'

And Manchester City is my fav. football team. Haha. Idk why I like this team so much ><

See that?? And see how happy am I right now. Pfft. Diane's insane =3=
And boo to Chelsea <--- font="">okay, this is so inappropriate.
Sorry, Chelsea ;>

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I m cool :)

Well, not that happy, but Im still breathing happily and gratefully and itsa bless. Im glad.

We're unique. You know why? Because, we're related to each other and we dont have the same faces. Isnt that cool? I know you'll say 'of coz lah der, we dont ave the same genes'. Duhh. Siblings usually have the iras-iras muka. But four of us - none. We're unique, special and magical -,-'

I actually dont know what to write. Im talking gibberish here. But anyway, lets write something awful then.

My favorite musicians; Nightwish. And I really admire the passion of Tuomas Holopainen towards musics. Marco; I adore his amazing voice. And among the singers, I like more Tarja and umm, Annette. The new singer which is...Floor something - I dont really like her. Its not tht I despise her. I like her but I dont like the chain on her nose. Take it off. I hate it and makes me hate all in you, Floor something. But, no pressure. I never hate her. Because she's part of Nightwish  (=,=)   <---gibberish font="">

And I have my super hot friends. Like, well. I've put my own nicknames for them.
  • Mai (Mya)
  • Ain (Anne)
  • Zaza (Zachan)
  • Jihan (Gee2)
  • Dev (no nickname, pfft)
  • Justin (no too~)
  • Ted (teddy)
Hee. And I've named them all. But I dont have a courage to write it down here. Controversy, folks. Lets keep it away xD

I hate stupid things. I dont like mingling with ppl from back-clss (my-own-lnguage). Idk why but Im not acting like Im bloody intelligent here. But it is just not me. I dont like interacting with them. I love flowers. Okay, lets just stop. Myself's history could be more than thousand pages >3< laters~

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ohkayy =0=

Just now, I got a letter from the Transair and flight-thing. They said something about kerjaya as stewardess and stuff. And I check the whole letter. And saw their training fee. If I go, I will attend their workshop and after that, get tested. If I pass, I've to wait for interviews from other agencies.

Imagine me being a stewardess, and say 'Would you like to have a cup of tea or orange juice, sir/ma'am?' to the passengers. And being a hot gal? Wearing that wonderful clothes and high heels. Woot, I love this life, seriously. Haha *mentally unfit* -,-'

Ehem, anyway. Im so concerned bout of not getting pass their exam. The training would mean nothing then. *sigh

And I got a weird dream. I was a model in that ridiculous dream of mine. Shooting with a hot guy. *diane is certainly going nuts* But I love tat guy in my dream. He's super hot. Okay, diane. Cut this crap thing out.

I was actually hunting for jobs because Im sickin sitting at home. I even wish of staying outside frm my home because Im in fucking dilema of family. Well, at least I got my own problem. I've heard tat ppl who doesnt ave a problm is actually insane. And Im lucky I've a problem. *another piece of shit Im doin'.

Okay, enough of too-much-shitty-things today frm debonair diane. Laters ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

* sigh -,-

Seeing my ex seniors doing a gathering is enough to make me feel jealous =3=

You guys seriously are so damn close and I hope my friends, d Hayyans Troupe too will become like all of you. And I just missed them. Gahh...cant believe I've just said that. Pfft -,-'

Anyway, back to normal topic. I just wanna say, guys. If you really loved the girl, please lah, act like you appreciate them. Bukan susah sangat pun kan? Yalah, you've told her you liked her, and end up you treated her like a rubbish. Or worst. I seriously hate that. This is not about me. But this involved my friends. And I  hate when someone hurt what are mine. Got that, I Fucking Hate When Someone Hurt What Are Mine. Family. Friends. I love them. Why cant you Guys treat us normally? Without saying those sweet words that will linger all around our head. Haa -,- (emotional sekejap)

Second, Im a spm (self-punya-masalah) candidate and now, currently waiting for result. Im freaking out and I bet my friends do freak out too. Anyway, Mummy and Daddy really wanted me to take the medic course and become a cardiologist. That is what Daddy said. Technically, they just want me to be a doctor. As long I'll be a doctor and (strictly not a doctor haiwan), they'll be cool. I'd love to further my study at UK, University of Nottingham or University of Sheffield or Cardiff University or Oxford, if possible. If I cant get those, I want Yale University or Brown University at America. These are my dreams. I've told Mummy and Daddy about this. Mummy is like, 'Umm, too far lah. Anything happen, macam mana?' and I was like, 'Tats gud, self independent. I like that. And I frankly dont want your help'. Okay, the last sentence, I didnt cakaplah. Sounds rude. Daddy is like 'Watever. As long as you perform, itsokay.' But few days ago, Mummy punya brain came with an idea of studying at Mesir. Of course I hate that idea. Its not that I despise Mesir. I love that place. But, it reminds me of someone that I hate. And I try harder to not teringatkan dia. Shit this piece. Why do he has to study at that place? Sick fuck.

Anyway, Im done.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I got it.

Yeah, i got it.
Im not an independent girl...
unlike you.
I dnt even know how to cook...
whereas you do.
I get too fussy even hot oil sprinkled over me...
and i just simply order pizza.
I get too serious over things that sounded annoying...
just so you knw im very naive.
I look so useless...
and everyone has to do it for me.

But I never taught to not appreciate people.
I always do appreciate ppl.
And you stole my heart away.
With those sweet words that I dont want to say.
And now you leaving me behind.
As if the days we had together is nothing but a stage player.

I just...still love you.