Friday, June 7, 2013

Bumi Jati Preparation Camp

Ciao, Bonjour~

I had this preparation camp for about a month and a half. So far, it went all good. Till our handsome conductor where all gals fancy him, wanted musicians to play the Muhammad by Maher Zain -,- bloody that song is very new but Im glad my music teacher is agreed to help me. Pheww~ And I actually enjoy my day in choir part with that handsome conductor. 
*take note: He's Sir Amirul or Abg Amirul (they called him with that), 22, Alexandria stud in Egypt. Glad that Im not attracted by him..yet. Bhahaha xD seriously, he's just someone that I respect :) Sir Amirul, please kembang-proud now! crazyme -,-' ana ma'alish, ya sir!

And I got a lot of friends that are incredibly awesome and cool and will sing everytime they wanted like wow. And then catwalking in front of me xD which I was amazed. Hee. Kidding. And our penghuluwati; her voice is like one mile-no, two miles away can hear. I kinda dont really like her laughter..? because it went out so loud and--scariee -,-'

Introduce to my room mates 1 of Amanah dorm;
- Aqila the selamba queen
- Aliya the coolie
- Nisa the cute lady
- Sufhia the lawa one
- Zalikha the sweet gal
- Izzati  the fashionistar
- Tieka the nother putrajaya girl 
- Murni the laser mouth one xD 
- Am the body shakey 
- Muna the Ella 
- Hanis the one is gossiped with *canttellya
- Iman the manja one

So far they all lah yang close to me :)

- End by Darice Roze -