Friday, January 20, 2012

The human with the devil

I thought u r already turn into a saint (a bit)
but still, ur appearance looks like a devil a lot.
Even though u r a human with pure blood and flesh.

I'm blind when i acted so dumb.
How can another people realized it while i dont?
Tat u run away and leave me alone.
And i'm leaving on an invisible bridge.

My world's darkened.

Then, u did something unexpected.
How can u, human be lik tat?
Even a cat protected its fellow.
And u destroy me.
R u turning urself into a witch then?
Which slowly cursing me or any of us...
And then acted like a saint?
Dont be that silly.

Please keep continue be a devil.
Bcoz I faced a lot.
I've been through a lot.
And tat bloody black vampire aint give u nothing.
Because tat vampire cant stand along with u,
Ur annoying action's killing him.

Dont be plastic. Because u r now nothing than a pathetic.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

here a story.

Aku ini bukannya suka menginsulting other people,
Nak aniaya jauhlah sekali.

But, kalau dah my patience has reached the limit,
memang tak suka simpan lama-lama.
(Nanti produced acid gas in stomach, x elok!)

And there's a guy, whose name is started from N*z*r*l.
He's a random guy and idk where did he come frm.
I met him at tagged and he's the one who sent the 1st msg to me .
seriously, i bet tat it ws his first time talkin or messagin to a girl.
I mean, he don't know how to interact with me
and every boring text that he sent,
i just answered it lazily with no spirit's living in me!

and then u knw wat?

He called me a crazy girl and stupid. DUH!
I'm not crazy and stupid.
Dohh, if i'm crazy,
takkan kukuhnya i stand still at science clss ibarat life in hujung sword lah!

PUH-LEASEE! I don't give a damn to u.
And if i'm stupid,
U siapa nk kutuk ciptaan Allah sendiri?
X sedar diri kah?


I hate someone's calling me crazy and stupid
bcoz i know im clever and much more sane-st than u!

I just hate it! huh! asshole! u fuckin shit, boo~

~ sorry, angry diyana is expressin. o.O