Friday, December 7, 2012

U irritate me

I dont know why.
But im touchin with you.
U can appear online but cannot reply my message.

If you think that im quite annoying,
You can just say it.
I dont mind.
Im not a demon which hungers the love of friendship either.

Im a grownup girl right now.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


What should i do nw?
If there's no understanding btween u both..

Saturday, December 1, 2012



Friday, June 22, 2012

Tank Q, Congratz & everythin ! *sarcastically*

C tat? Yeah, tank Q & congratz for getting gud marks, dudett.

Try to imagine our feelings, no. No need. Think of me then.
You just dont deserve it.

People dont cheat just to impress their parents.

Dedicated to you, ==

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lst reed.

Last reed that i used while playing clarinet.
Got nother 8 reeds.
I miss you, reed. Dont hate me TT__TT

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not hiding, just be frank.

Its nt that I wanna boast here.
Im still same, not that intelligent tahap dewa either.
If u already got the soalan bocor for exam,
instead of so stingy, tak kasi tell the others,
U just dont have a right to say, 'THE EXAM IS SO DIFFICULT'
Put all blame at the one who made the exam.

Its not totally their fault.
Its your fucking fault, your fucking damn fault.
You're so stingy and didnt appreciate what you've got.
Sorry to say, but you lah makhluk paling stupid sekali in this world.


Saturday, May 12, 2012


u dont know.

it hurts me deeply. really deeply depressing.

And im sickening.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This hardest feelings~

U knw wat,
Sometimes, i felt lik i wanna slap ur face or saying this,
"Sorry lah bai, we at here keep green, use papers, x use PLASTICS. like u do. So, when we meet plastics, we will try harder to burn or do something harsh on it. Because why? Bcoz we hate it so much until we couldnt tell in a word."

And u just cant accept ur own fault.
What's wrong with u anywy?
Eloklah, turning into a mental disorder people too?
Hello, mental disorder people lg better thn u.
or maybe they're nt, (IDK).

N one more thing,
Dont look at us lik we did so much wrong here, 
buat maksiat byk sgt and bla, bla, bla.
Compared to u, u r the worst here.
I hate people givin reason lik, playin music is a burden.
Its u who makes it as a burden. Think logically.
Those talented people mostly came frm music thing too.
And not all of us do maksiats~~!
You wish me too do maksiat then? Fine, i'll do it for u.
Hugging a guy so publicly or maybe kiss his cheeks.

And to all of u, please stop doing it okay.
You guys make me like stupid soulless human alive and acted lik i wasnt there.
I dont wanna say, 'THIS IS WAR!'
I hate war. Evryone hates war. So, change it.
But, duh~ Will they change it?
They dont even knw my blog link. huh!


As a friend, 
I just wanna say sorry because i wasnt there whn u were there ;(
n gud luck for ur exams.
Luv u and miss u too, so much.

dedicated to 'u'

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Im just so tired
It is dire
and I'm perspired
Like a flat tyre
Tats why I do look pale as a vampire.

Dont leave me
Dont hate
Because I cant live
under someone's head.

This painful feeling
Its tearing and bleedin
Silently killing
And thing that I just do is crying.

Even you trapped in the room
Remember to see the flowers bloom
It is my norm
When I was alone...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

F**k off.

I just dont like it,
When u assumed me as a stupid doll by ur side.
Do i look like stupid barbie?

I don't like it,
When you talk bout something tat i dont know.
And then talk everythin like i knw everythin bout ur activities.
U knw im nt part of u. Then, y r u talk 2 much bout those fuckin stuff?
U c, im nt daft. Im pretty much clever than u.

I just don't like it,
When you think that you were so perfect,
Until you cant c which one is the good and the bad.
When u love doin somethin stupid, it'll become part of ur habit.
Do i make myself clear here?

Im nt wrong. 
You just don't know how does it feels to be in my place.
Because you never been in tat way.
All path that you walk in rite nw is easy as u eat the sweet.

You never understand me.
Sometims, i felt sorry for u.
Because u never realized wat r u doin actually.
You never know me.

You know nothing bout me.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hidden Emotion

I hate it when other annoyin n irritatin person talk to u,
And u acted like you loved it
In fact, u treat em so well.

I just dont like it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plastic little Spastic

I'm getting to hate you because you'r way too much, dude.

Back off. Who's the one is not good here? The bad one?
Dont try to be a saint, okay?
Mirror yourself.
You see, no one like you. Okay?

Dont piss me off. Because you dont want to be the first who will see it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012



I wasnt born and taught to asnwer 'Wats ur harapan for famili bahagia?'. ==

Im a clean-minded gal and too innocent. =3=
(pls vomit now)

Okay, bye.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My sista hate it.

The conversation,

"What the...hell...?," I said as I was selak-ing Bio textbook in malay.
"Yup, malay," Fyn (my arrogant, soliphistic sister). "And you know, wat?"
"Hmm, wat?"
"I asked lah my bio teacher will she buat dwi bahasa for bio exam nanti. And she was lik, 'Eh, penatlah saya buat dua kerja nanti!'"
(me, making face =.o)
"U should said, 'Teacher ni makan gaji je.'"
"Yeah, I knw. Rasa nak...ish. Sabar jelah. And 1 more thing. I pernah lipat this book like this." -(lipat kulit buku to the back) "And then she said, 'Rosaklah buku tu nanti.'"
"You should say, 'Teacher, suka hati sayalah. This is my book.'"
"I know. She's so busy body. Budak laki pernah intterupt lah. He said 'Habis anak cikgu tu?'"
I laughed. She did too.

And then, her bio book terselak and i saw the malay language and i stepped away.

"Sorry lah. Cant accept the malay line. Quite annoying."

Friday, January 20, 2012

The human with the devil

I thought u r already turn into a saint (a bit)
but still, ur appearance looks like a devil a lot.
Even though u r a human with pure blood and flesh.

I'm blind when i acted so dumb.
How can another people realized it while i dont?
Tat u run away and leave me alone.
And i'm leaving on an invisible bridge.

My world's darkened.

Then, u did something unexpected.
How can u, human be lik tat?
Even a cat protected its fellow.
And u destroy me.
R u turning urself into a witch then?
Which slowly cursing me or any of us...
And then acted like a saint?
Dont be that silly.

Please keep continue be a devil.
Bcoz I faced a lot.
I've been through a lot.
And tat bloody black vampire aint give u nothing.
Because tat vampire cant stand along with u,
Ur annoying action's killing him.

Dont be plastic. Because u r now nothing than a pathetic.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

here a story.

Aku ini bukannya suka menginsulting other people,
Nak aniaya jauhlah sekali.

But, kalau dah my patience has reached the limit,
memang tak suka simpan lama-lama.
(Nanti produced acid gas in stomach, x elok!)

And there's a guy, whose name is started from N*z*r*l.
He's a random guy and idk where did he come frm.
I met him at tagged and he's the one who sent the 1st msg to me .
seriously, i bet tat it ws his first time talkin or messagin to a girl.
I mean, he don't know how to interact with me
and every boring text that he sent,
i just answered it lazily with no spirit's living in me!

and then u knw wat?

He called me a crazy girl and stupid. DUH!
I'm not crazy and stupid.
Dohh, if i'm crazy,
takkan kukuhnya i stand still at science clss ibarat life in hujung sword lah!

PUH-LEASEE! I don't give a damn to u.
And if i'm stupid,
U siapa nk kutuk ciptaan Allah sendiri?
X sedar diri kah?


I hate someone's calling me crazy and stupid
bcoz i know im clever and much more sane-st than u!

I just hate it! huh! asshole! u fuckin shit, boo~

~ sorry, angry diyana is expressin. o.O