Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awful and Cool

Ciao, Bonjour everyone~

Just wanna talk about my friends that I like. Not really like, but yeah.

Otto-Anskar Karjalainen (Finland)
He said I can call him Otto or Alex .Idk where the hell the Alex comes from. Haha. A Finnish guy and obviously why I like him, right? Because he lives in a place where my favorite musician lives; Toumas Holopainen. But Otto, he got the mix of Russian and English too. I was like, your consanguinity is so worldwide. Hes funny xD

Dante Picasso (Italy)
He's an Italian. What I like about him is, he's a model, everyone. And I always wanted to be a model when I was 15. Yeah, 15. I like his hair. He looks cute and understanding, I think. But some of his pictures, are...little bit wayy too over. Hee.

Zacky Yomng (Morocco)
Zacky or I call him Zack, this guy is a little bit special to me, I think so. Well, I think its going to an end. Maybe. Idk. He said he'll wait for me. 

Datte Bief (Macedonia)
This guy, hes adorable. Haha. And cool. Hes a guy that can change the atmosphere easily and itsa fun to chat with him. I call him Datte.

David Parsai (France)
My first word to him is Echante, haha. Means nice to meet you. And he said back the same. Unlike others, hes not bossy or pushy. He likes Naruto too! How can I ever tolerate with that? Because I like Naruto so much xD I bet him not a player.

Said Eden (Norway)
Said, he's a nice guy. A Norway guy. Same age as me. And I know I hurt his feeling because I cant fulfill his request. Im just not ready to start something serious. He had to choose something difficult now and I hope things will go back to natural, normal as the first time we met.

These are my favorite dudes. I like one of it. Hes obvious, right? Hee ;p

Anyway, au revoir~
Darice Roze

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