Thursday, August 1, 2013

Damn Cockroach

Ciao, Bonjour~

Okay. Today I wanna talk about myself. As you all knew, Ive joined pre med camp recently where I got wonderful friends. They are all nice and changed my first-day-perception quickly.

But thats not the case. You see, I hate cockroaches. I dont care if that thing got nicer species or what but technically and honestly I Fucking Hate that thing. Theres one moment where this thing appeared suddenly in our room. Like what da hell? =,= and later this cockroach hid beneath the food of ours. Not mine but theirs. So I ws being a nyonya there, babbling and muttering about that cockroach like this,

'Guys, seriously! Theres a cockroach okayy? Hiding behind your food. Oh my god! Please, please, kill that thing! What if that thing flies into our kain? Sleeping under our bed? Our pillow? Guys!!!'

Like that. And they were all laughing! =3= okay, this part I hate them nicely. But then, the cockroach out again and I shouted like hell. And it crawls! Crawling, okay? Crawling. On the wall. And I ran to other bed and muttering like an idiot. I dont care being an idiot! Theres a cockroach there, guys! That is so a Big deal. 
Things just got scarier when there was a lizard crawling there too, seeing that cockroach and that lizard chased it. My frens were all like, 'Go, cicak! Go, cicak! Eat it, eat it!'. My frens are all very supportive. Im shaking there alone. Does anyone realize how horrible is this? They can still cheer and cheer like cheerleaders, pfft! When it got closer, that stupid cockroach flies! Thats the scariest moment of all and I shouted of course. I ran and got goosebumps.

And I just mumbling there like a mutt gal. Haha. I dont care. They got the spray and my brave friend, Murni, she spray that thing. Im not satisfied at all because I havent see the body yet. Wheres it? And all of them are like, 'Its gone, chillax, dudett.' How can I be chillax if I got no confidence that that thing is dead? 
*they can still laugh to see my idiot's manner -,- 

End up like the cockroach managed to go outside and died peacefully, I think. I never hope that cockroach can die peacefully. NEVER. Pheww. 

My friends. They all make fun at me about this. Like until now. Glad that I amuse you, guys. This will last forever because I got so freak out when I meet a cockroach. 

End, au revoir - dianne roze

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